West Angelas Lube Chillers

Installing new Lube Chillers to keep up with expected operational tonnage
Client & Department Rio Tinto Projects
Location West Angelas Mine site
Project No. & Name Lube Chillers
Value 150K
Date 2015
Project Duration 4 Days

The West Angelas process plant Lube Chillers were not keeping up with the required operational tonnage that was expected from the plant with the demand being greater than the original design. In addition to this the original equipment had become dated and was in need of repairs.

  • De-commission of existing Lube Chiller skids in a planned Shut down
  • Installation of Generator Power Supplies to keep Critical Equipment online whilst the plant was Shut down
  • Installation of new Lube Chiller Skids and Chiller rooms
  • Power and Control Cabling install to relevant marshalling panels, motors, heaters and instrumentation
  • Design and Installation of Cabling Systems to RTIO Specification which could withstand the harsh environment of being situated at the Primary Crusher
  • Installation of New Feeder Modules
  • Electrical Commissioning of the Project
Key Challenges
  • Completing the Project inside of a limited Shut Down period
  • Working along side various contractors in a confined area
  • Over coming wiring issues with existing cabling changes not documented in both the substation and marshalling  panels 
The Weststate Advantages

Over coming the challenges that arise when completing a new installation on a working asset that does not allow for any interruption to normal operation.

  • Extensive knowledge of the RTIO systems and procedures
  • A well developed culture among workers who have extensive experience in the mining industry
  • Provide a complete turn key package from start to finish
  • Providing the client with options to move forward when unexpected challenges arise
Other info
  •  LTI Free Project
  • Positive client feedback with great understanding how complex the task was in the given time for completion.