West Angelas Minesite Deposit C/D

Production Hub Facility to support mining Operations, Primary Crusher NPI Facility, Deposit C Park-up Facility, Deposit D Park-up Facility and a HRVF Office
Client & Department SX5 Group
Location West Angelas Minesite Deposit C/D
Project No. & Name West Angelas WADCD NPI Facilities
Value 1.8 Million
Date July 2021
Project Duration 10 Months

The WADCD Project was planned to sustain current mine capacity at 35Mtpa, as a replacement high grade ore source for depleting deposits.

  • Installation of inground services for all Buildings, Site Main/Sub Distribution Boards and Biomax/WWTP Systems
  • Supply and Installation of Power Cable’s supplying all area’s totalling over 5000 Meters
  • Design and Installation of Form 4 Site Main Switchboard along with Building Distribution Boards
  • Installation of a various sized Light poles with Dialight LED Flood Lights throughout all areas
  • Installation of Breezeway, Pathway and External Lighting
    Installation, terminations, and testing of Site Access Swipe Card Readers
  • Site Communications throughout including Fibre Optic and Commissioning Communications Racks
  • Installation of Metal Clad Switchgear within Delineation and Shutdown Maintenance Facility Domes
  • Fire reticulation, testing, and commissioning
  • Complexing of building modules
  • Electrical Commissioning of the project
  • Working with other work groups completing cranage, concreting and civils in the work areas
  • Gaps in Design for Electrical Portions
  • Quality of Electrical Installation in some areas from Building Manufacturer was not to Standard, this required numerous amount of re-works
  • Over coming the challenges that arise when completing a new installation which did not meet RTIO Specification whilst adhering Project deadline
  • Extensive knowledge of the Rio Tinto systems and procedures
  • A well developed culture among workers who have extensive experience in the mining industry
  • Provide a complete turn key package from start to finish
  • Providing the client with options to move forward when unexpected challenges arise
  •  LTI Free Project
  • Client feed back was of high regard