Deposit F NPI

Installation and commissioning at Deposit F
Client & Department Rio Tinto Projects
Location West Angelas Mine site
Project No. & Name West Angelas Deposit F NPI
Value 1.2 Million
Date March 2016
Project Duration 10 Months

Installing temporary EPCM buildings including power and communications, as well as decommissioning the existing Boilermaker workshop.

  • Installation of new Boilermaker Workshop Electrical equipment
  • Installation and Complexing of Buildings
  • New Feeder Module Install
  • Installation of Area and Emergency Lighting at HV Refuelling Station
  • Installation of Pump skid, Control Panels and Instrumentation for Potable Water Truck Fill Point
  • Installation and Commissioning of 50 Tonne Overhead Gantry Crane
  • Installation and Commissioning of Compressor System
  • Distribution Board design, Installation and Commissioning
  • Generator Power Supply and Load Bank Installations
  • Communications Installation and Commissioning
  • Earth grid, cad welding & Earth stakes
  • Area Lighting
  • Installation of new fire detection systems
  • Electrical Commissioning of the project
  • Completing tasks across multiple work fronts whilst working with other groups
  • Maintaining Electrical integrity and compliance during the Wet Season
  • Lost time due to Lightning strikes
  • Extensive knowledge of the RTIO systems and procedures
  • A well developed culture among workers who have extensive experience in the mining industry
  • Provide a complete turn key package from start to finish
  • Provide the client with options to move forward when challenges arise
  • ┬áLTI Free Project
  • Project delivery with in required time frame and on budget.
  • Client feed back was of high regard